Getting Started

For those of you looking for additional resources, we’re beginning to build a library for more reading, viewing and listening.

Cartoon Commentary

The Wrong Financial Advisor

Watch this clip before engaging a new financial advisor. Created by Nobelist William F. Sharpe, the video is hilarious. And instructive.


Who Can You Trust?

Time was, you could go into your local bank and expect to find safety. So Stan takes the $100 check he got from Grandma and makes an ‘investment’  at South Park Bank.  Annndd, before you can blink an eye….it’s gone.

The second clip on this reel starts at 1:48. Stan tries to get a refund at the local kitchenware store but learns that his transaction has been bought by Wall Street investors.

These two Margaritaville clips from South Park are still funny, several years on–probably because they capture some enduring truths about who you can trust with your money.



 Spending, Saving and Investing

Who among us does not overspend, at least occasionally? When it’s done too often, it becomes a needless, thoughtless way to cut savings and investment growth over time. The National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) has created an entertaining website called to help recognize and curtail the bad behavior.